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Yes, it’s true, we met in a club in Bali. And we spent years of traveling and moving (and a tonne of money) between Switzerland and Australia.

It’s all been costly and now we’ve decided to settle in the Byron Hinterland and wish to stay, we decided it’s time to start refining the lifestyle we intend to lead. Which doesn’t involve all our energy being spent on making ends meet in the oh so common 9-5 rat-race. After moving to Australia we really started to wonder how we could escape the system while still making money.

It was clear to us that we wanted to stop renting out our time and fire our bosses. There was just no way that we would want to spend our lives working for someone else. These feelings got even stronger when we found out that Kait had fallen pregnant. Could you imagine anything worse than having to leave your newborn every day just to go make some money to pay off your mortgage, your car (that you only need for work anyway) or to buy groceries? And all of this while the business you’re working for takes a big cut of the money YOU earned…

Well, with a very open mind (and the baby still in Kait’s belly) we decided to put a stop to this lifestyle and take radical responsibility for what we really want. Honestly, just feeling into that life and really feeling worthy of it took a long time to get our head around. But it’s definitely doable.

We were just some everyday people who didn’t know where to start. But we took the step and don’t regret one second of it. We’re still everyday people, just living a better life now. And you can too!

three step principle

The three steps that create a time freedom framework for all aspiring affiliate marketers. The 3-part framework you need to build a business that can give you real freedom. If you implement these strategies you can build a digital income while experiencing time freedom.

How to Avoid common mistakes

The 6 mistakes you need to be aware of (or might even be already making) that can stop you from ever earning a dollar online. Two of them are what’s going on in your head, the rest are more tangible.


What you actually need in 2023 to build, to streamline your energy and generate passive income without the burden of managing your own products or customer service.

There’s a whole lot of juicy info to set you up for success in this class, especially if you’re a bit lost of where to start – we’ll see you in there.

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